Why is it so hard to keep honest good relationships going

I often ask why me if you ever lived my life it’s a hot mess I don’t understand it I believe in love happiness and bliss but what I end up is deceit sadness and turmoil like my life choices especially in relationships with people in general are faulty. My love life is a joke no literally I just want to cry I was hoping maybe one day a comedian would entertain me and make fun of my life so that way it wouldn’t sound so bad I mean a lot of celebrities go through hell trying to find great relationships but what I read is they find love but then it’s such a greedy industry that some take advantage I mean I read about relationships lasting years in marriage only to be reading that they are filing divorces 15 years from now. I ask myself why? What happened? It often is from infidelity and supposedly having relations with your partner is the key like whenever he wants to engage be ready to satisfy him or her I am here with proof that it’s not always that simple especially not with the right partner. Abusive people or narcissistic people are never great relationship material so why are we in them and wasting our life on earth just settling for less I am telling you from experience that this is my dilemma. Anybody know the answer? Experts? Psychologists?? Seriously I see more and more people settling for zeros including myself but what put me in that situation maybe we should tell the people in the same boat to share their stories so I am going to give you a little preview of mine especially how I got duped with kids with these guys. One day this guy wows me by spoiling me with riches or so he claims so when the expenses are dished out extravagantly you can see wow he really wants me but then later on you find out he is a pothead who bites you after you are four months pregnant with your first child….great didn’t see that coming so now what analysts do your job. The second one knows I am pregnant and he wants to play daddy because he is with a psycho “girl” that is trying to trap him with “twins” fake supposed ultrasound that she burned because they got in a fight and everything goes south so he sees you an innocent woman who was with her friends but they decide to lock the door to set you up so you see him playing a harmless game and you talk to him you start to like him so you guys kiss and all the time you are thinking wow this is so romantic little do you know what I mentioned up above you have no clue so to fast forward you deal with his lies as it blows up eventually you are about to leave when he breaks up with her he calls you up and asks you can we be together? What? You are mad at the things he put you through but you reluctantly agree since you met his family he showed a great time getting to know him in the beginning minus the other stuff. Wow so easily trapped I have my other baby and he wants that baby so much I agree well things start to sour because third wheels come in between and the man he showed you before starts to fizzle in the end the relationship dies so here you are with two kids. You don’t want the same mistakes as you previously had so you build up your self esteem your appearance and long and behold you are loved again especially by yourself everyone sees that so here comes a lowly guy who has baby mama drama he works two full time jobs and is broke so you start footing the bill feeling sorry for this guy only to find out what the hell was I thinking the debt was piling up he is cadering to his son that is his favorite and your stuck in the middle hell no you don’t want to raise a family with this guy nor should your own kids be exposed to that. You are so careful this time so you thought you have “friends” instead but what if your friend wants to pursue something more with no fault of your own. A kiss that you think is no big deal turns out to be a big deal that you two now want to play lovers because of something that happened so “natural” so you act like little kids hugging and kissing every moment you can since you work together even better right? WRONG!! Learn better as to find out all about this person because it will destroy your life one day especially wasting time that’s not even necessary. I think I have a solution but haven’t tried it out but I am doing a research study based on how long will relationship fizzle so please contact me if interested. The whole point of this blog is to find out the original question “Why is so hard to keep honest good relationships going??” I don’t know you tell me.

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