What would you do

I want to ask the people out there what would you do if you were in my shoes. Father abuses you and mother, you are the oldest expected to be the role model for your sibling, mother and father keep taking custody of us kids, live with our grandparents, bullied in schools, reputation smeared by friend, boyfriends are liars and cheaters, go to the army, get sick can’t finish boot camp so go back home, worst pregnancies ever but have kids three baby daddy’s, grandma gets sick with dementia stay with her, almost go insane no job, get good job, start school, try to start career, grandma dies, fight because of will, family’s greedy, hire so called property management company, they find other lady to handle affairs, been had by crooks too late when I find out, lies and deceit again, lose good job, almost go insane instead have depression, fight in court, drawn out with no resolution, crying almost everyday, go to school, surviving now but barely almost broke, and etc.

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