A drawn out worthless fight

I don’t understand and maybe someone out there can help me but this “alleged” criminal is getting away with “murder” (taking something that does not belong to them) and Jason Stanley Antonczak my so called brother cowardly stands there watching his sister falls because this is what my family does to me. I know this is probably your family too I take care of our sick grandma for the last of her years even losing my job when I get a promotion I had a chance according to my grandma to change the will since I was the oldest but instead I test my brother who is barely there for his grandma who gives him 10,000 bond, money for his school so he can succeed, and money to pay back that he spends on a ring for his so called wife that get this (barely lets him spend any time with his own family only hers and that says he has to watch his money also told him that my brother had to have me pay him for half of my grandmas property that I took care of from 2008-present because he had to have two properties for doing nothing for my grandma not even to see her when she had DEMENTIA) anybody out there knows this disease it’s bad while I lived with her that time barely seeing my kids because my grandma was sick and combative at times which I made sure my kids only saw the best of my grandma because she was a great woman that suffered a lot and her story is in another book coming. Four drawn out years and counting this woman named lucita zamoras on top of this company CORNERSTONE HOME SOLUTIONS LLC took my grandmas home away because of their deceit and they want me to pay for my grandmas house that she owned for over 60 years based on a loan that I never asked for but for millennium property management company to come “MANAGE” my property and instead they inflict damage to the property (Pics are available as proof) wow yeah this I can see is why I am never going to trust anyone or companies based on this scam and if you want to challenge this statement I dare you too!! Proof is google cornerstone or zamoras you will see the truth I promise you and I am here as a victim because I swear on the holy bible that this is true I NEVER EVER IN MY LIFETIME WANTED ANYONE TO GIVE ME A SO CALLED “loan” as THEY SAY I JUST WANTED PEOPLE TO MANAGE THE BUILDING TO PAY MY BROTHER OFF IN OUR OWN AGREEMENT and my aunt because as you can see the will as my grandma was so generous in the end promise half with my brother that didn’t do anything for his grandma and still won’t for HIS family but you all should know karma is a bitch and I am waiting for it. I am a kind hearted woman and his is the stuff I get so wonder why I say this is hell well you tell me otherwise but if someone out there has a Time Machine I would be the first to jump in to test it I promise you. The drawn out fight for something that doesn’t belong to people is still going on to this day. (Update when it finally ends and the suffering stops) A BOOK TO BE MADE IN THE NEAR FUTURE BASED ON THIS EVENT

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